The Ominous Coven - Book I

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Ominous Recordings, 2023, (OR222)

The Ominous Coven consists of several anonymous members, unaware of each other’s identity.

The members of the coven perform the rituals in solitude, unbeknownst of who else is performing the same ritual at a different location. The results of the two rituals will be merged into one, and then channeled into a physical object.

The purpose of the coven is to conjure textures through the spirits within. Textures without profane worth, textures without fortune attached to the members name, textures unchained by perception, expectation or recognition.

The power of the self is less than the power of the coven.

The textures are the sole purpose and intent.

-These rituals were performed in the months of April and May MMXXIII-

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