Big Hole - The Hole: A Reading Soundtrack

  • Big Hole - The Hole: A Reading Soundtrack
  • Big Hole - The Hole: A Reading Soundtrack

Ominous Recordings, 2023

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Big Hole is Christopher Charles Robinson.

Recorded at home in Mesquite, Texas on June 4, 2022. One take, no edits.

This recording is intended to serve as a reading soundtrack to The Hole by José Revueltas, translated into English by Amanda Hopkinson and Sophie Hughes and published by New Directions in 2018. The original Spanish language edition was published in 1969, under the title El apando, and was written in over several weeks during the author’s incarceration in the infamous Palacio de Lecumberri prison near Mexico City.

The action of the novella takes place over the span of an hour, and essentially reads in real time. The listener is advised to have the book open and ready to go prior to pressing play, and to begin reading as soon as the soundtrack starts. Best read in one sitting for optimal immersion.